A man believe to be a member of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB , has caused commotion in a First Bank Brach in Anambra State .

The man was said to have filled a form in the bank with Biafra as Nationality in place of Nigeria , and when asked why he did so , he replied , “Is it by force to be a Nigerian ” a situation that caused commotion in the bank…

See details below………..

A Biafran Wrote

I visited one of the branch offices of First Bank within the locality I reside. And on entering the banking hall to get my account updated, I was issued a form to fill. And in the space provided for NATIONALITY, I wrote BIAFRA and voom!, the entire customer care staff of the bank went on a high jump. The first staff I submitted the form to, got stocked, staring amidst confusion, on the form for close to five minutes. He later passed it on to the next female colleague of his who equally went through the form, startled. She passed it on still, to her next colleague up to the last amongst them, who summoned courage and called on me by my name, Mr. Chinonso, please we cannot enter this thing like this. It will cause somebody his or her job.

Then I shouted at the top of my voice while asking them these questions:

* Is it by force to be a Nigerian?

* Why will you not enter it?

* Are you people not ashamed by calling yourselves Nigerians?

I concluded by telling them that BIAFRA is my nation. They replied by saying that if I do not stop, they will alert the security to come and throw me out. Meanwhile, from the crowd of customers waiting to be attended to, proceeded echos of “Nwachineke, Gwaba Ha, (Child Of God, Keep Telling Them), Yes oooooh, All Hail Biafra”.

This shouts attracted the attention of the Bank Manager who walked out of his office, into the banking hall and excused me to follow him. Walking into his office with him, he courteously said: “Please understand that we are all BIAFRANS” and pulling out a file and opening it, behold quite a number of RECEIPTS OF MONTHLY DUES PAID TO IPOB. He further stated: “Abum Nwachineke Kagi. Achuom Na Oru, Oga Digi Mma? (I Am A Child Of God Just As You Are. If They Fire Me From This Job, Will You Like It?)” “As A Matter Of Fact, I Have Sent For Biafran Flag. If Ohamadike (IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) Raises Our Flag Today, I Will Pull Down That Of The Zoo (Nigeria) That Same Minute”, he firmly assured.

At this point, my anger completely vanished. I then requested that another form be given to me but “My Brother” (IPOB Identified Bank Manager), told me to go that he would personally fill it up to save me further wastage of time. As I was leaving the bank hall highly elated, all eyes were fixed both on me and the Manager himself, as he saw me off down to the bank gate. Deep down in my mind I said, I just wished these people really knew how much was my account balance. They would have preferred to close it than going through those embarrassing moments.


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