We Condemn Threats To Life And Actual Attempts On Lives Of Imo People

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has deemed it necessary to call on the current regime in the State to de-escalate the increasing incidences of threats to the lives and the actual attempts on the lives of Imo people. In the stead of threats to lives and actual attempts to lives, let the regime devise and enforce genuine programmes for the protection of the lives of Imo citizens.

Our party has noted that one of the weapons of intimidation and harassment of the opposition in Imo State is all sorts of subtle and direct threats to lives of opposition leaders, members and media operators. This party had in the past expressed total displeasure at and disapproval of deploying such criminal tactics in attempting to cow the opposition class. Our party seizes this opportunity to once again reiterate our strong aversion to threats to the lives of opposition class in particular, and Imo people in general.

Imo PDP has been intimated that the threats to lives has been taken to the next of actual tracing and trailing of opposition class as targets for extra-judicial attacks and probable assssination. This party finds very unacceptable the gory tale by ace-broadcaster, Citizen Chinonso Uba of the alleged attempt on his life in the dark hours of June 29, 2020.

For the upteenth time, this party will restate its conviction and faith that Nigeria is practising democratic system of government, which has full-option laid down rules and regulations, as well as due process and procedure for reacting and responding to the words and deeds of citizens that fellow citizens may find negative.

Our party will rather support and encourage a recourse to rule of law and due process on anything that would warrant the criminal alternative of invoking threats lives of citizens and actually attempting at eliminate any citizen by extra-judicial means.

Imo PDP will, therefore, expect the current regime in the State, the security agencies, vigilante groups, and indeed entire Imo people to as much as possible be proactive in forestalling the criminal practices of attempting to assassinate or murder anybody in Imo State. Our party believes that the life of every Imolite matters. We, therefore, hereby, renew our subscription to the charter of democracy, rule of law and due process, and respect for the sacredness of the human life.

Meanwhile, this party expresses huge dismay that Imo pensioners returned to the roads again on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, following the alleged failure of this regime to fulfill its reported promise to pay pensions on Friday, June 26, 2020. Our party still finds it incomprehensible and unfathomable why Imo senior citizens should be subjected by this regime to the inhuman treatment of denying them their due pensions, running into months of arrears.

While sympathizing and really empathizing with the suffering pensioners, Imo PDP again charges this regime to, as a matter of urgency, pay them their pensions and save them their harrowing experiences and verge of death.


Ogubundu Nwadike,
Ag. State Publicity Secretary,
Imo PDP.


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