A concern Biafran has written IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

The quest for an independent state of Biafra is gaining weight and recognition all round the globe.

The world is now fully aware of the plights of Biafrans and why they cleave for their separate country.

This quest and continuous push by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has triggered many persons of importance and now they are beginning to speak out and join their voices in support and affirmation.

Words of encouragement are pouring in from different angles for IPOB Leader not to relent in anyway and therefore support him in all the necessary ways they can because the course he is fighting is not an easy one.

This is the reason an intellect Bishops Edwin has written an encouragement letter to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Bishops Edwin made this letter known on his Facebook wall:

He wrote :


Dear Nnamdi Kanu,
Ututu oma Nwanne Di Namba m.. I usually don’t write letters twice to the same person. Since I have decided to become the Apostle Paul of our contemporary times.. Writing letters upandan.. Both to humans and animals.. Real and abstracts.. Let me write you again.. The reason why I am writing you this letter is because the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I wrote before is the Supreme LEADER of IPOB.. Now this letter is for the Supreme SERVANT..
I bring you greetings.. One of your followers said that, to him the post of supreme “anything” ended 3 years ago.. Now that you are his lord and personal saviour.. Lmao!!
Today, I want to ask to ask you one of the questions our demonized efulefus and Ndi ùchú keep asking.. “IS THIS HOW WE WILL LIVE IN OUR BIAFRA?”
An Anambra girl was dating an Abia State boy.. After 2 years the relationship broke down. The Anambra girl told her Warri friend about the break up.. Her friend replied, “you see why I don’t support this their Biafra.. Is this how they will be breaking hearts upandan when Biafra is declared??”
Emeka boarded a bus, ₦150 from Okokomaiko to Alakija.. He gave Tunde the conductor ₦200.. Tunde gave him only ₦20 and arrogantly told Emeka he didn’t have N30 to complete the balance.. Nwa Igbo said the entire bus isn’t going anywhere until his balance is complete.. Passengers started lamenting, “Just because of N30?? Ndi Igbo are too wicked. So they can’t even leave “Change” for anybody?? Is this how they will be insisting on getting their balance when Biafra comes??”
Two brothers drag land boundaries, one Alhaji man will say, “Igbos feeple don lovam pour themselps, Gaskiya.. I wonder if that is how they will live in their Biafra!”..
Alhaji forgets that their are no IDP camps in Biafra land today. That Southern Kaduna is not in Onitsha South.. And Boko Haram is not an Ijaw age grade meeting..
See some girls that hate Biafra is because they know their ex boyfriend or husband will be happy to see Biafra declared..
some guys that don’t like you is because their girlfriends love and respect you more than them.. Their bae even call you supreme leader. Now that you are one Humble servant, I hope they drop their coat of jealousy and receive sense..
Supreme servant, biko kwa la, ashi m ka m kala gi.. They have been saying that IPOB is not moving around world. They have no alleys nor parleys nor friends from the international communities. They say it’s only “insult that you know how to insult”.. Biko I have seen you in Israel, Canada, USA, London, etc.. Are those ones local community or village towns and kindred meetings?.. This one you have been travelling, izzit also not around the world or izzit around Jupiter and Pluto..
The other day, my friend said the day the south east governors begin to support Biafra that is when he will take it serious and I asked him, “who is sponsoring the international movement now??”.. People who don’t know how much it cost to Cross river Niger from Asaba to Onitsha will not understand what it takes to carry a movement across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.. Over the Mediterranean and to HIGHLY SECURITY TIGHT nations like US, UK, Canada, Israel, Australia, etc..
Nnamdi Odogwu Nwa Biafra, Okpara Hrh Igwe Kanu nke Umuahia.. You be Dimkpa.. If you were a geh, you be bae.. You bride price would have been valued with oil wells.. If you be house, you for stand for Downs Street in London or naa etiti Douglas road n’ime Owerri..
I am proud of you. You have changed the consciousness of the unconscious. Directly or indirectly. By omission or by commission.. You and IPOB has been the oxygen behind every damn glowing splint that is rekindled in Nigeria today..
I don’t expect any efulefu that reads this letter to agree.. After all, if the Jews all agreed.. They wouldn’t have accepted a criminal like Barabas back in their fold so that Jesus be killed..
Have a nice time bro in your subsequent tours for Biafra Restoration..
Biafra Reigns.. Biafra Will Come..
Yours faithfully Biafranish,
A Freedom Voice..


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