President Muhammadu Buhari’s media aide on Social Media, Mrs Lauretta Onochie has replied the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) for calling her names on social media.

Mrs Onochie took to her handles and boasted to IPOB members that she’s unbreakable.

It could be recalled that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader has through his Radio Biafra broadcast accused Lauretta Onochie of human trafficking and Prostitution and urged her to desist from such act or face the wrath of God.

Furthermore, he also asked Mrs Onochie to desist from sabotaging the efforts of actualizing Biafra, since then members of the IPOB group have never had mercy on Lauretta Onochie, thereby slamming and blasting her on social media at any slightest opportunity.

However, Mrs Onochie yesterday took to her handles and boasted to IPOB that she’s unbreakable and that Biafra will never emerge.

According to her, “IPOB or Biafrauds should know that i am unbreakable. I am Ada di iche, akwa akwuru, there’s nothing their stupid leader or anyone of them can do to me.

“If any of them tries any nonsense, we will show them the stuff we are made of. Nnamdi Kanu knows very well that he can never enter Nigeria again and if he eventually enters, from airport straight to Kuje or Kirikiri prisons.

“My annoyance is the numerous youths he keeps deceiving and they’re foolishly and blindly following him everywhere without going out to find something good to better their lives.

“Some of them are up to 40 years still eating Mama thank you and some their wives are feeding them still they keep on following a frustrated fraudster Nnamdi Kanu an ex-convict causing confusion everywhere in Nigeria. Time has come when we’ll not focus on dealing with Nnamdi Kanu alone but along with his followers too, especially those ones above 40 years who doesn’t want to be useful to themselves and under a spell too. We’ll take them to Kuje or Kirikiri with Kanu, then their head will cool down.

“A violet terrorist group filled with charlatans, eager to abuse and insult people at will must be crushed, if Nigeria want to remain peaceful. This country is on the path to endless peace and joy and there’s nothing anyone can do to subvert it. I keep saying it that Biafra will never emerge. So the earlier IPOB and their fraudster leader Kanu knows that i am unbreakable, the better for them” she said.


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