Osuagwu stated that we can’t call what is happening in the country now as one Nigeria as marginalization is going on in the South East.

He said that the federal government are not fer with the South east as they are been treated differently compare to other region in the country.

According to him,

“More crime in the north, more roadblocks to check crime in the east. Seaport in the west more custom checkpoints on the road in the east.

“Oil From The South, Federal Projects Only In The North And West. Boko-Haram And Fulani Bandits In The North, Battalion And Thousands Of Soldiers In The South-East.

“No Sea In The North But There’s Seas Ports Built For Them, while In The South-East Who Have Seas Don’t Have One Single Sea Ports.

“International Airports Built All Over the North, And The Only one in The South-East In Enugu State Is Closed Down. Yet, some say there’s nothing like marginalization going on in the south east.

“If the north or the west go through what the south east have gone through they will seize to exist.

“I Don’t Talk About Politics But Is This What You Call ‘One Nigeria’? What a country.”


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