Following the Arrest of Nigeria-Dubai Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi.

Imam of Peace, the Popular Islamic scholar has alleged that Buhari is the senior Hushpuppi while Hush is Junior in the Area of scam.

The Islamic scholar also called president Buhari “the dumbest man in office” over the killings of Christians in Nigeria.

On twitter, a Lady identified as Gia Chacon wrote: “99.9% of persecution against Christians in Nigeria is violent. We must end the global silence around this.”

“Standing with persecuted Christians around the world gives Christians in the West the courage to stand up to the intimidation they are facing in their own country.”

In Reply the to Chacon’s tweet, Imam of Peace wrote: “Full credit goes to @mbuhari, dumbest man in Office.”

In another Tweet about Hushpuppi arrrest, He wrote: “Hushpuppi Senior (Hushpapa) and Hushpuppi Junior.(Hushpuppi) ”


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