The founder and president of the Synagogue Church for All Nations, SCOAN, Senior Prophet, TB Joshua, has cautioned the Biafran faithful about what he described as the spirit of disunity amongst the “IGBOS RACES”.

It is no longer news that they are very industrious in nature and we’ll be able to turn “The fortunes of their country around within a short period of time”.

“One thing remains very obvious among the Igbo race is that, they do not have respect for each other that makes them look very aggressive in nature when you interact with most of them from some part of that area.

“It is not wrong for them to call for their own nation known as Biafra which was already in existence before Nigeria was orchestrated Biafra was already in the map of the world before Nigeria was founded in 1914 by Lord Frederick Lugard and his girlfriend.

“I want to advise them at this junction that God has spoken for them to actually get a country of their own but let them all not be carried away with the problem of envy jealousy and The troubles of no respect for the elders within their community this is a very common thing among the Igbos as they should know that respect is reciprocal and you must give unto others what you want others to give unto you.

“I believe it’s time for things to become very setting to all those who care to listen that they have a case with the Nigerian government to settle.”


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