Fulani pastoralists have declared a religious war in the southeast, stating that there will be no peace in southeast until there is a total implementation of the Islamic religion.

According to the Fulani pastoralist leader he said, the sharia law is a compulsory religion that every Nigerian will be submitted to practise while referring his statement to the southeastern Nigerians, he said most especially the southern part of Nigerian, who are practising Christianity and other religions believe must convert to Islam to achieve peace In the states.

Meanwhile, saharagist recall that 17 person’s including a six (6) year old baby was killed in southern Kaduna during a terror attack led by the Fulani herdsmen.

While speaking further the fulani leader said, Nigerian our nation is recognized as an Islamic state, which every state will abide on, southeasterners should never expect peace, because there will be no peace until Islam is fully implemented.


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