The Executive Governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodinma and The President General of Southeast Social cultural Organisation, Nnia nwodo has disclosed in a recent meeting that the Igbo people have more to gain if they work hand in hand with the present Government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

TORIXUS got the recent information after the Governor concluded his meeting with Nwobodo in IMO state.
Hope Uzodinma disclosed said that; “Chief Nwodo was in Owerri on a routine consultation with the Government of Imo State and other Governments of the South East, particularly, to have first-hand information on the affairs of the region.

“We reasoned that Ndigbo have more to gain by working with the government at the centre and going forward, I urge Ohanaeze to take it upon itself to preach the message of hooking unto the National political grid.

“Furthermore, we also reached a common ground, that Ohanaeze is favourably disposed to Igbo Unity and indeed Nigerian Unity, and that Ndigbo as a people and South East as region, must hook unto the National grid, and work in partnership to support all Federal Government policies for the overall interest of the people.
“At the end of our deliberations, we agreed that for Ndigbo to forge ahead and attract development into the zone, we must be seen as being united.

In conclusion, he also appreciated Chief Nwodo for visiting him at IMO state Government over the need to lighten the the needful while Igbos should embrace working with the present Government.


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