Pat Utomi, a foremost professor of political economy, has warned that if Nigeria’s governance structure continues as it is, the country may be plunged into crisis just like Somalia.

The former presidential aspirant who disclosed this in an interview he said that instead of the present system in Nigeria, governance should be people-focused.

Utomi went on to criticize the government’s decision to allocate more resources to politicians with less emphasis placed on job creation for citizens. He explained that the political class would pay the price if Nigeria was plunged into crisis as the country is already heading down the same path as Somalia. Foremost professor of political economy has warned that Nigeria is heading the down the same path as Somalia Source: Depositphotos Utomi, who served as an adviser to former president, Alhaji Shehu Shagari during the second republic noted that the entire structure of public service is how Nigeria can sustain politicians in their comfort presently.

“This is a country where you have someone buying two or three private jets, a country where there are no opportunities, where graduates are roaming the streets with nothing to do. So, it should not be a surprise if we travel down that road to Somalia.

It is sad that Nigeria is going down that road to Somalia,” he said. While calling on the federal government to de-emphasis revenue sharing, the former presidential aspirant faulted the 774,000 job creation scheme by the federal government, noting that the foundation of the scheme was faulty. He also added that revenue sharing based on the number of local governments encouraged laziness.

Utomi said: “Before local governments became a factor in revenue sharing, there were twice more local governments in southern Nigeria than in the North, but since local governments became a factor in revenue sharing, political muscle was used to create more local governments in the North.”


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