Like other sensible Abians, I read with exasperation the scheming, cum press release, by some local champions parading as “The Ukwa Ngwa Group (TUNG)”, where they blended schism with chauvinism to manipulate the psyches of a handful of our subservient youths.

In the release titled: “TUNG Condemns Abia Speaker over Declaration of OUK as Authentic Leader of the State” and dated July 8, 2020, this unknown/unpopular group made some laughable and spurious claims including demanding the resignation of the Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly over his alleged patronage of Dr Orji Kalu.

It’s tantamount to mutiny that an unregistered organisation is demanding for the resignation of the speaker of Abia State House of Assembly as well as addressing Abia political quagmire. Without hyperbole, it is a mockery and absolute disregard for our constituted authority and the state – Abia.

It’s pathetic that they started their ham-fisted press release with an introduction. A well-known and proactive political group needs no introduction. I surmise their unpopularity constitutes the reason the individuals behind the group started their hasty and ill-thought-out release with an introduction.

The serial killings and extortions Abians suffer in the hands of security agents daily constitute a higher degree of peril than an unsubstantiated political call by Ikuku to OUK to “assume political leadership”.

The so-called TUNG would have needed no introduction if it had made a strong-worded press release to condemn the invasion, wonton killing and arson committed against the people of Ndi Egero community in Aba, by the police.

The shrieks by Abia citizens, motorists and artisans against SARS and other security agencies for brazen molestations and extortions are very plangent to attract a strong-worded press release from TUNG. Forlornly, we saw nor read any from them.
We have never forgotten the invasion of the Isu community in Abia State that led to the killing of several Abia State indigenes. Amid the outcries, TUNG looked the other way. We did not read any press release from them condemning in strong terms the killings with alacrity as they did to the ABHA’s speaker alleged patronage of OUK.

For close to five weeks, Governor Ikpeazu is battling with his life after he contacted COVID 19. Like other Abians, I am yet to read a well-scripted published “get-well-soon”, letter to him from the so-called TUNG. Yet they chose divisive press release against Ikuku to profess their fake love for him.

It is as plain as a pikestaff that the so-called TUNG would not have emerged had the Abia State House of Assembly leadership honoured the letter to it by the Chief of Staff, Mr ACB Agbazuere. Agbazuere wouldn’t have sponsored Don Ubani and some E-idiots to cry wolf, where there’s none, had the leadership of ABHA condoned his arbitrariness – usurping of the duly elected governor’s responsibility -. If we deduced from their actions, who among Ikuku and Agbazuere wants the governor dead?
I worry that the Abia battered youths are taking sides already over a shameful muscle-flexing by some group of politicians with clear political agenda. I may have my problems with the ABHA Speaker, but, he acted constitutionally by rejecting a directive from the COS. He is an ordinary appointee. He has no powers to sign on behalf of the governor and expects the ABHA to honour it.
Is it not funny that inconsequential persons as far, as Abia politics is concerned, Hon. Chizuru Kanu and Hon. Chinwe Nwangaga signed as Secretary and Chairman respectively for a so-called group that claimed it has the crème de la crème of the Abia State political stalwarts?

If there are issues we have to pay attention to, it must be the payment of salaries and pensions as at when due, completion of projects and sincere prayers for the return of the governor.

2023 is too far for these distractions and prognostications. Power belongs to the people, and only God determines who gets it.

Norman Obinna is a Columnist from Abia


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