I will never construct any rail way in South east until they igbos reject BIAFRA and embrace one NIGERIA!

Instead of constructing any rail way, I will use the money to help alamajiri in the north.


  1. Amaechi has no power to even propose talkless of deciding on railway construction in the East. Ifit were Wike, I would agreed wholly.

  2. The Igbo’s are used to hardship likewise the way amechi refused to pay me my state allowance during my NYSC batch B 2012/2013, so igbos will continue to exist, after his departure on earth

  3. Amachi wants the north to be sympathetic to him with presidency come 2023 that’s the reason his politicking with rail line which supposed to be done on economic viability. Let him remember Chinese are coming to take what they invested along with his family and rail ways across the north not oil will emphasis, ‘his widely opened mouth in response to Chinese recovering of investments’ time shall tell when he will be in misery let him not remember his origin in Jesus name

  4. I will be the must happiest person on earth to hear say a slave to zoo country Nigeria is died. Biafra matter is beyond ur self imagination. Behold Biafra at ur door step


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