Since the emergence of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the struggle for the total freedom of the peaceful people of Biafra, the world, especially the African continent, has witnessed for the first time the power of truth. Since his march, the Biafran leader has not lifted a stone at the Nigerian government, yet the foundations of Nigeria are quaking terribly.

Kanu has been using Radio Biafra London to wage war on injustice for the good people of Biafra and to the sensible Nigerians in general. He was initially ignored by the Nigerian government but consistency did the remarkable. His campaign began to yield undeniable effect on the government and soon the powers that be began to seek ways to quench it. Too late though.

The Nigerian society and most especially Biafrans, have already been exposed to truth and now yearn for it the way a man yearns for a woman. The stage was then set. The people want to know who is saying the truth and who is lying.

Using truth as his most potent weapon, the Biafran leader engaged the fantastically corrupt politicians. He revealed how kleptomaniac in nature they are, how they syphon public fund, and how they plunge the people into abject poverty.

Having no defense to make, the politicians resorted to calumny and name-calling. The populace wasn’t deceived anyway. Today, the dissonant air is pregnant with decisive war. A war of good against evil. A pre-phase of Armageddon.


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