Nnamdi Kanu has said it and finally Fulani Herdsmen known as Miyetti Allah has taken over Yoruba land, Lagos in particular.

Look at the plait number of this Okada man in Lagos with bold inscription “Miyetti Allah ” what do you understand in this?

Any one having such plait number can not be stopped any where in Nigeria, the presidency approved this secretly.

Report has it that those using this bike now are Military men, they are using this means to soften ground for their fellow Civilian Herdsmen.

All in the name to complete their Islamic conquest, same way Fulani took Kwara state from Yoruba.

Yorubas are gone, all because of their loyalty to Islam and hope of producing President in 2023, which is just a mere fallacy of Fulani people.

Nnamdi Kanu is always right, all his prophecies has come to fulfillment.


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