The suspended acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, allegedly said that the whole country will experience a shocking reveal from him, Once he is through with the presidential panel led by Justice Ayo Salami investigating; Alleged Case of Conspiracy, Enrichment, Abuse of Public Office and Other Infractions”.

The Uncrowned EFCC boss allegedly made the statement while addressing the presidential panel. torixus reports.
Nigerian Lawyer and Policy Analyst, Aliyu Lemu made the disclosure of Magu’s statement during an interview section with media men on Wednesday evening.
According to Aliyu Lemu, no single allegations has been made against Mr Magu but some group of people who wants to discredit his achievement played out with some print media companies.

He said that; “Everytime somebody points a finger four fingers point back at him. from certain disclosures been made by Mr. Magu today; at the end of this sitting committee, The whole country will be shaken to its foundation on the level of allegation and level of criminal activities been perpetrated by the accusers of Mr. Magu who made this whole Grant designed to discredit him before the public.

“The plan is simple. Mr. Magu is due for resubmission for confirmation by the president, sometime later this year, but the actors in this Grand Design who are the beneficiaries and enablers of corruption want to frustrate that attempt and this is the script that is being played out by the media.” He said.
While still responding to Questions from a Journalist working with Channel TV, Lemu gave a clear answer to whether Magu’s reappearance before the Panel has anything to do with an official allegations against him.

“On Uptill this moment as i speak to you, Mr. Magu has has not been officially giving or supplied the allegation against him. Either by the Attorney General of the Federation or any committee set up by the presidency to investigators activities or any petition written by any individual alleging malpractice by him while in holding office as the chairman of the economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC).

“It seems to be an orchestrated and systemic plan design to Prejudice the mind of the public and the committee in carrying out this work. I wouldn’t want to disclose confidential information of what is transpiring in the committee.
“But up until this moment, Mr. Magu has only been asked general questions.
He has not been directly confronted with any specific allega


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