Fresh facts emerged on Saturday that the suspended Secretary to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ola Oluyede, has never worked in the law firm of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo called SimmonCoopers.

He had also worked for several years prior to the establishment of SimmonCoopers, according to a document sighted yesterday by The Nation.

It was gathered that Oluyede had worked as a consultant and managed corporate intelligence portfolio before joining EFCC.

Social media reports had claimed that the EFCC Secretary was unduly favoured by Osinbajo to be appointed to the position.

But the document seen by The Nation showed that the claim was “not only false but also discreditable to the person of Ola Olukoyede.”

The document said: “Oluyede has never stepped or walked into the office of SimmonCoopers all his life, not to talk of working for the law firm.

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“In his career profile and curriculum vitae, which he submitted to the Senate during his confirmation hearing in November 2018, Olukoyede worked for a finance and investment company Ecodev Investment as an investment officer for about five years before he started his law career with Legal Research and Corporate Development Projects (LRCDP Consulting) as a research partner.

“At LRCD, he acted as a consultant and managed corporate intelligence portfolio with a number of high profile organisations in clientele, including financial institutions and law enforcement agencies from 2002.”

The document gave more insight into the antecedents of Oluyede as an expert on anti-corruption strategies.

It added: “In 2008, he established Global Compliance (GRC) a governance, risk and legal consulting outfit as a managing partner where he led and managed as an attorney, Investigation and Civil Litigation of fraud and corruption on international aid projects.

“He has also been involved for several years even preceding the establishment of SimmonCoopers partners, in the development and implementation of strategic policy documents for operations, legal and administrative units of various anti-corruption agencies, including EFCC, as a trainer and consultant.

“Also in the same year 2008, he established his Law practice, Ola Olukoyede & CO, from where he joined EFCC.”


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