Chairman of George Uboh Whistleblowers Network [GUWN], Dr. George Uboh
Chairman, George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN), Dr. Gorge Uboh has revealed that he has enough evidences of Corruption against the suspended Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu that could be used to charge him to court.

Uboh who stated this in an exclusive interview with ElombahNews said that when EFCC was established, Nuhu Ribadu was chairman, Ibrahim Larmode was Director of Operation and Ibrahim Magu was team leader.


Corruption against Magu and other EFCC Chairman
He stated that out of N2.015 trillion recovered by EFCC from inception till 2013 in cash, only N6.7billion was remitted to federation account leaving the balance of N1.9 trillion unremitted.

He added that on the issue of former Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun, EFCC officials restrained 15 bank accounts belonging to the former IGP.
Uboh said, “when I appeared before Senate, I showed evidence of the N1.9 trillion that EFCC failed to remit to the Federal government.

“I went to specifics, I showed how EFCC restrained 15 bank accounts belonging to Taxa Balogun. When you look at the calculation on EFCC’s own internal record, it showed over N3 billion, that mistakes became a premeditated plan when EFCC transferred the adulterated figure from Tafa bank to EFCC Bank (Access), from this one alone, they stole N799 million .

“The next day, my phone rang, it was Tafa Balogun who called me, he said; I did not know that these people stole from me.” EFCC made some properties that two or four into one.

“Over 95% offshore seizure don’t even come into the federation account. A lot of things they seized from Nigerians never made it to the federal government exhibit record.

“What people don’t understand is that I am not going after individuals. EFCC started with Ribadu as Chairman, Larmode as Director of Operations, Magu was the team leader. Tafa told me that things they found on him but was not reflected on the federation account should be traced to Magu.

“All the previous EFCC chairmen stole. Nuhu Ribadu did not document, but Farida Waziri documents. The looting is a collective culture in EFCC, it is systemic.

“Anybody who enters EFCC gets power drunk and I have always say that every EFCC chairman is more powerful than the President. The problem did not start today.

“I don’t delve into any cases unless I have overwhelming evidences and irrefutable evidences. The evidences I have against EFCC, I have not touched 25 percent .

“I have three boxes , Nuhu Ribadu knows, that was why I made a video when he wanted to contest for governor in Adamawa and called him a thief and he could not do anything.

“EFCC even goes into other agencies that is outside their remit; port decongestion was set up by Obasanjo administration in 2005/2006 about N26 billion was realised and never went into Federation Account. I have the evidence.

“NDLEA will arrest a drug suspect, if they arrest a drug suspect with cash at the Airport, they will transfer the money to EFCC, most of these monies will not be reflected in the federation account.”

Allegations of Corruption against Magu
On the detention of Magu, he said, ” I know that our constitution is very clear that once, you detained somebody for 48 hours, you must get a court order to detain him.

“We in the civil society, once you keep me beyond 48 hours, I have to ask questions. They got it wrong for detaining Magu for nine day because you don’t need to detain Magu.

“I have enough evidences against him for you to charge him (Magu) to court directly. ”

Uboh stated that said when Magu was appointed as the Acting Chairman of EFCC, some people thought that he will change EFCC.

Uboh further explained that when he appeared before the Senate and uncovered what was going on in the EFCC, Magu ran to House of Representatives and the House Committee on EFCC cleared Magu saying all the recoveries are intact.

Uboh revealed that the chairman of House Committee on EFCC was the chief of staff to Ibrahim Larmode when Larmode was the Chairman of the Commission.


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