Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Sunday observed that everything around the world has been shaken by the greatest threat to mankind but is confident that humanity will survive the despair, pain and other consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.
He made the observation in a message sent to the 11th Synod of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Abuja Diocese, themed: Building a Sure Foundation. The Synod had started on Saturday, July 25 at St James’ Church, Asokoro, Abuja.
The Vice President noted that though the coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented hardship and disruptions to economies across the world, God willing, Nigerians and indeed all people around the world will survive the despair, pain and other consequences associated with the disease.
A statement issued by his spokesman, Laolu Akande in Abuja quoted Prof. Osinbajo as saying: “Everything around us has been shaken and is being shaken by the greatest global threat to mankind in a century.
We are in the midst of the greatest economic slump in history, every region of the world is experiencing an unprecedented slowdown in growth. It is my firm belief that, by the grace of God, very soon, this pandemic will be defeated.”
Speaking further, he said Christians must, however, put their hopes in Christ Jesus, noting that only in God’s name, can the present situation be overturned.
Recalling the depth of the crisis on the Nigerian economy and society, the Vice President said: “There was a day in April when oil, our precious oil was selling for less than the cost of production. No one was even willing to buy.
Suddenly all we took for granted, from air travel to hugs and even handshakes, have become neither safe nor advisable.
“Our own economy faces its worst period in history. We are earning 40% less than we should because oil prices have fallen and few today can afford to pay taxes.”
Continuing he added: “The sum and substance of what I am saying are that these past few months have shown us that human ingenuity and planning cannot even assure us that we will live to see the next day.
“Any hopes built on the foundation of human understanding and effort is a shaky and unsure foundation and is bound to fail when the storms and the turbulence come.”


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