Former Defence Minister, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Danjuma In A Recent Interview He Granted The Guardian On Sunday Described The Assassinated Head Of State, Major-General G.T.U Ironsi, as a “Useless”, “Desk-clerk ” Head Of State.

“For Calling My Husband Who You Killed “Useless” And “Desk-clerk” Head Of State. Vulture Will Eat Your Corpse. Danjuma Is A Mad Man.

He’s A Useless Man. This Shows How Hopeless And Wicked He Is. After killing a man the way he did, and 40 years later, he will still not allow my husband to rest in his grave. He is using such a wicked and senseless language on my late husband.

That means he (Danjuma) is a hopeless man. He is a shameless coward. Danjuma has got no virtue in him other than that wickedness.

That is why he can describe Johnny like that even 40 years after he had killed him in such a brutal manner. But as long as there is God in heaven, and I know there is God in heaven, that is how vulture will describe him too – Aguiyi-ironsi’s Wife, Mrs. Victoria, Blasts Lt. General TY Danjuma


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