First Republic Minister of Aviation, Chief Mbazulike Amaechi and the only surviving member of the Zikist Movement, said it was a big joke for Daura to be talking of competence, as Nigerians and the entire world had witnessed the kind of competence he and his cohorts could offer the country, adding that Nigeria should be divided if it can’t be united.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew, Malam Mamman Daura, had said that rotational presidency had been discarded ahead of the 2023 presidential election. He said the election would be thrown open for any qualified Nigerian to contest.

The elder statesmen who took a jibe at Daura and his cohorts alluded that “the most competent person is occupying Aso Rock now and Nigeria wants a competent person” in 2023.

“We know all that kind of competence but all we are saying is let a constitution be written for Nigeria if there’s going to continue to be Nigeria. But if it’s a question of competence where only one side of the country is producing a competent man, then let the country break, every people to their tents.

“This country, I fought for independence, I fought for unity but I see that there is hardly anyway now this country can be patched up but if they want to break up the country, like Azikiwe said, let them come together, plan and share assets and liabilities in a very peaceful way so that even as different countries, we can remain friendly neighbours.

“If anybody thinks with what they are doing now like with Miyetti Allah saying that they have inaugurated security services all over Nigeria, under what law; under what authority? And yet nobody is questioning them but if Kanu says look, I want you people to allow my people to vote to say whether they still want to be here or not, then they say it is treason. But if somebody says that he is going to rule the country that his father had said he should rule the country, there will be no problem.

“These things are not going to last, they are creating avenue for shedding of blood, but nobody wants blood. An old man like me, I don’t want blood. We fought Britain with strategy, with nationalism, with patriotism, with sacrifice; we planned and we succeeded.

“If Nigeria cannot be united as a peaceful country where all partners, all participating states will be equal, then let the thing break up, let everybody go home peacefully, that’s my attitude, but to say forever they will continue to produce a president because there is going to be competent president whether he is literate or not, it is not going to happen. But let’s see what 2023 will bring about.”

Amaechi noted that he was not surprised because the Saduana of Sokoto had in a publication 12 days after the nation’s independence in 1960, said the country was a gift to them by their great grandfather, Usman Danfodiyo, adding that the people of the Middle Belt and the South must be held in total bondage and “they must not be allowed to have a say.”


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