Eighteen housemates were nominated for eviction after the head of house games on Sunday. Four of the 18 housemates had the lowest votes from the viewers. Love birds Eric and Lilo were part of the four. The other set was Praise and Katrina

The fates of the four housemates were to be determined by the remaining housemates.

It was intense for the other housemates to determine who would be evicted. After the other housemates decided, Lilo and Katrina became the first housemates to be kicked out of the show.

However, the likes of Brighto voted for Erica and Katrina to leave the house. Nengi also voted for Katrina and Praise to be shown the exit door.

Apparently, Katrina and Lilo stepped on toes in the house before they left. A display of various emotions from other housemates left viewers entertained.

The first eviction show was intriguing and other housemates will be wary of each other as the show goes on. Big Brother Nigeria season 5 just got real. Farewell to Katrina and Lilo. For Eric and Praise, they were lucky to remain in the house.


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