“If they blame Fulani herdsmen or Miyetti Allah, they are running away from the truth. Herdsmen are no criminals neither are they attackers. They don’t have guns with them. Criminals are different from Fulani herdsmen. It is wrong to blame Fulani herdsmen whenever something of this nature happens.

“Fulani herdsmen have never been criminals and they are not carrying weapons. They don’t attack anybody. The way these criminals are attacking other Nigerians is the manner they are also attacking Fulani herdsmen.
Before they attack any other tribe, they attack Fulani people because the Fulani are in the bush. Fulani herdsmen do not live in urban areas, making them prone to attacks by these criminals. Fulani herdsmen do not have a voice.

“They are voiceless. That is why people are not hearing their cries. For SOKAPU, Christian Elders and Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in northern Nigeria or Kaduna State, to blame Fulani shows they are shifting blame. They should blame themselves.

“All their grievances and problems are between them and the Hausa. It is political and not between them and Fulani. Unfortunately, when something happens, they give it religious coloration. When they attack Hausa, they attack Fulani because the Hausa and Fulani are Muslims.

“That is where they got it wrong. They are fighting over farmlands, which has nothing to do with Fulani. They are fighting over political domination and no Fulani man is contesting any position in Southern Kaduna. The Fulani man is after greener pastures.

“The average nomadic Fulani man in Nigeria values grasses more than land. The Fulani people in Bayelsa today live peacefully more than the Fulani in Plateau, Southern Kaduna, Benue and Taraba.

Ibrahim Bayero Zango, Miyetti Allah Director Media and Publicity


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