The Indigenous People of Biafra, Obio/Akpor area one , Elders Forum, held her general meeting/Prayer for Biafra 31st July 2020.

In the meeting, the elders discussed vital issues concerning Biafra restoration , including, evangelism to bring in other elders ,advising the youths, support for IPOB leadership amongst many others .

Speaking at the meeting ,the chairman of the forum, Elder, Uche Nwachukwu encourage the elders to come all out and support the struggle , evangelize and bring in other elders .

Elder Ndamati an Ikwere Son , raised a concern of why Port Harcourt is called Igweocha instead of Iwhurunha , but was quickly corrected that both Igweocha and Iwhurunha means the same thing , which is the light of the people .

Also speaking at the event , elder Ifeanyi Israel lamented that the Fulanis are sending soldiers from the east to be killed of Boko Haram in the North , while Northern soldiers are brought to the east to set up check points and task the Biafran people to death.

Elder Enekweche Charles also encouraged the elders to speak to the youth always for them to be conscious of the prevailing danger the Fulanis has come to perpetrate .

Furthermore, Elder Oyemachi Peter, Elders Furum Media head, addressing the house spoke extensively on rural evangelism , relevant informations and trending events in the struggle and across the world .


The prayers were done according to the Biafra culture and tradition .
Four Elders stood to represent the fore market days prevalent in Biafra Land .namely, Eke , Orie , Afor , Nkwor.
Elder Charles Enekweche stood in for Eke, Elder Chinoyerem Ejioku stood for Orie , Elder Joseph Nwolu stood in for Afor while Elder, Ogbu Kandu stood in for Nkwor..
Consequently , the prayers were done traditionally , while the chairman Elder Forum , Uche Nwachu concluded the prayers for Biafra restoration.

Godswill Leeleebari Reporting for Family Writers Press International .


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