President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said that despite inheriting Boko Haram in North East and the militants in the South-South when we came in 2015, Nigerians know his administration has done its best.

The President stated this after observing the Eid-el-Kabir prayers with his family members and aides at the forecourt of the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Friday.

President Buhari, however, noted that more still needed to be done. He said that the security situation in the North West and the North Central was disturbing even as he said that the expectation is that the security agencies should up their game.

On the issue of corruption, Mr Buhari also assured that all past and present cases would be fully investigated.

“This is why we put the commission (of investigation) in place. There has been abuse of trust by people trusted by the previous administration and this administration,” he said.

He stressed that all of such cases would be uncovered and firmly dealt with by his government.

On the specific case of the Niger Delta, the president decried the wastage of the resources earmarked for the betterment of the lives of the people of that region.

He lamented that corruption had been unhelpful in that regard, especially “if you recall there is the 13 per cent derivation.”

He also warned against the vandalisation of oil pipelines in the oil- producing areas which often results in environmental pollution.


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