On Friday, 7th August, 2020, Asset Management Corporation Of Nigeria ( AMCON), court officials and Nigerian police stormed Owerri, the Imo State capital in a bid to final possession of properties of R.C. Omeaku & Sons Limited to execute the Federal High Court judgement ceeding the Multimillionaira Properties to AMCON.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after the exercise, Adigwe Uzoma, a legal practitioner revealed that Adigwe & Co law firm has been engaged by Asset Management Corporation Of Nigeria (AMCON) to enforce the order of the court, adding that the next line of action is to proceed and sell the attached Properties saying that the order of court is to take over and sell in line with the AMCON act. He pointed out that R.C. Omeaku & Sons Limited have a judgment are owing AMCON # 440 million plus he said.

He also listed the seized properties of R.C. Omeaku & Sons Limited taken by AMCON as follows: No. 14 Old Okigwe road, 1 Ogugba Street/ 13B Royce road, 175 Tetlow road, KLM. 4 Orlu road, 2 Douglas road, all situated in Owerri, each property were marked with inscription notice:

This Property Has Been Sealed And Taken Over By AMCON Via Judgment Of The Federal High Court, Lagos Division In Suite No: FHC/L/CS/ 4343/2016 AMCON vs R.C. Omeaku & Sons Limited, Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted and a copy of the judgment was also pasted.


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