Fulanis said they have been ambushed and killed in Sudan, Mali, Cameroon, Ghana, Congo, Central Africa, Ivory coast and Nigeria like rats yet the media, human rights commissions and international communities are blind or given a myopic vision of the discriminations.

According to report gathered by Matters Arising there are many other tribes who rear cows, sheep and others just like the Fulani do and live a life of the Fulani (Meaning moves in alternation to the seasons) for greener pastures and they aren’t attacked, maimed nor got killed.

Most if not all the transhumane corridors (access routes), meant for the Herders are been cultivated by the farmers and the concerned authorities are also silent because it’s doesn’t affects cash flow in to their pockets.

The only recognition and patronage given to the herders is during festive seasons and maybe in some day to day Needs. It’s therefore, high time for the government to intervene and make strong policies that will favoured and adhered to both parties.

That would be the only solution to the bedevilling clashes between the farmers and Herders.

Moreover, the clashes between farmers and Herders are manageable by themselves but due to personal and selfish interest of some leaders from both parties as well as some politicians are sabotaging the process.

Another supposed considering factor is the fact the concern parties refused to accept that both shares the faults by believing that the other party is the cause of the CRISIS.


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