Hon. Toby Chuks Egeonu, a Political Commentator and Public Affairs Analyst.

He came to limelight through the benevolence and helping hand of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu in 1999. From thence he rose to become one of the longest served commissioners in Abia -history. He has served all successive governments yet the most stunted of all his contemporaries in politics. His belligerence was his worst web as he fell to karma today.

Needless to say or repeat his venomous outpour against the government of today and those of yesterday, (all of which he has been part of). Today, standing before the 7th Assembly for screening to become the T.C chairman of Umunneochi. Very unfortunate for him, yet providential, he stood against the speaker he maligned to vexation. He was made to eat his words and he wished he had not said or written those debilitating publications. Ubochi ikpe na-adi egwu. Today, It was like watching himself committing a crime as captured by surveillance camera. Every fact stares him in the face. Hear him when held by his own word, “At No Time did I Question the Competence of Rt. Hon. Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji to preside over the Abia State House of Assembly, he is more than competent.” -Barr Eze Chikamanayo. Unfortunately, those soothing words are rather late and in contrast to the last publication where he called on the speaker to resign or be disgraced out of office. Inversely, the butterfly that thinks himself a bird was disgraced out of the House.

Today, Eze Chikamnayo makes another historical breakthrough as the first nominee for the position of Transition Chairman since creation of Abia to be rejected. He didn’t move beyond just nomination. It shows his level of unacceptablity. This rejection has further compounded his woes as one who never got votes in his own pooling unit in all election he has stood for. He was caught by his own trap, humiliated by the lawmakers, killed by his own words and buried by his people. ‘Iyi erigokwa oba…’When he was called by OVI to serve as S.A on Strategy and Communication, he said, consumatum est, which means, ‘it is finished’, little did he know that karma was setting him up for a spectacular disgrace. A lawyer who cannot read ordinary handwriting on the wall.

A swindler who forgot that, one who steals to get reach will surely have all his own savings stolen at the peak his success. A monger who cannot differentiate a letter bomb from a love letter. Eze Chikamnayo is a phenomenal disgrace to Umunneochi.

Today, the speaker of the House of Assembly Rt. Hon. Chinedu Orji MNSE has demonstrated that he is poised to giving Abians the best and responsive government at all times and places. The rejection of Eze Chikamnayo by the House of Assembly followed the public outcry against his nomination. Thank you Mr. Speaker for saving Umunneochi from chaos, anarchy and doom. Many of us were already imagining the injuries he would inflict on the LGA treasury in three months. A person that milked Ugwu Abia fund will not spare the allocation/internal revenue of the LGA. It was however pitiful to watch a smart and voracious Eze Chikamnayo sink in confusion as questions rained on him today from almost the whole members of the House. How could he defend his own word? Today, his charms failed him because the facts were glaringly obvious. He would have saved a little face for himself if he didn’t accept this nomination but his inordinate desires lured him to the slaughter house where the toes he stepped upon were waiting to pay him back in his own coin. What an irony of life! However, I am most sorry for his brainwashed and brainless sycophants who are too cowardly to face the reality about this deceptive diminutive Eze Chikamnayo. What happened to Eze Chikamnayo should serve as a lesson to all blackmailers out there, because, what goes around, comes around.

Our dear governor His Excellency Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, thank you for the free role you played while the screening lasted. It goes on to show the entrenchment of independence of Legislature and synergy for good governance.

While we await a replacement for the vacancy, we entreat you to look inwards and reward those who have shown commitment and loyalty to our party PDP in Umunneochi. That way, many will rekindle hopes for dedicated service and our party will move forward.

To the people of Umunneochi, let us remain the peaceful people we have always been. Ahia zuchaa, udele enwere odu…….


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