If only all the ethnic nationalities that constitute the indigenous populations of the hellish British contraption can emulate IPOB by realising how powerful we are as a people united under a common cause, these cattle rearing terrorists would have been on their knees by now.

Thankfully IPOB has made it possible for other people and ethnic nationalities to speak up against Fulani evil. That is the all important first step. The next should be an organised resistance by all peoples against Fulani misrule, terrorism, organised banditry, police/army intimidation and ethnic cleansing.
Middle Belt discovering their long lost voice is pivotal, we must support them.

In the past Britain through UK in Nigeria has found it much easier to demonise Biafra but with Oduduwa & now Middle Belt complaining of the same things IPOB has been lamenting about for years, it has become a far more difficult task for them to fool the international community. We must dismantle the racist British cage Nigga-area to build nations that reflect our values as African people.

Join the resistance to end Fulani terrorism, banditry, oppression, ethnic cleansing, primitivity and mediocrity. Just Stand Up!


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