He also stated that there was a need to improve synergy and intelligence gathering among the various security agencies across the country.

President Buhari said he has directed the Service Chiefs to meet among themselves before each national security meeting for better synergy and coordination in the fight against Insecurity.

He appealed for patience from the Nigerian public regarding the security situation in the country stating that the newly acquired military weapons, including ships, aircrafts and other heavy weapons will change the fortune of Nigeria in terms of security

Excerpts from the statement read;

“Today I met with the Heads of security and intelligence agencies, and members of the Security Committee of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum. We recognize that States and the Federal Government have to come together to successfully tackle insecurity in the country.

“It was an opportunity to share notes and ideas. We are doing all that is necessary to defeat banditry, kidnapping, terrorism and other forms of criminality in Nigeria. We are also aware of the areas that need improvement, including synergy, and intelligence-gathering.

“I am glad that we are seeing better synergy and cooperation. I have directed the Service Chiefs to meet among themselves, in-between the National Security Council meetings. Our intelligence-gathering, interpretation and sharing must all be improved.

“We are expecting the shipment of military weapons and aircraft we ordered from Jordan, China and the United States. As I have explained, we need patience on the part of the Nigerian public, for the new equipment to arrive, and for our personnel to receive appropriate training.

“The new weapons, aircraft and equipment are not only for the fight against criminality on land; we are also acquiring them for maritime protection, in the Gulf of Guinea. I am pleased to see the renewed efforts of the Nigerian Navy in that regard.

“We are working to dominate every part of Nigerian territory, from the hard-to-reach areas of Lake Chad where Boko Haram are desperately searching for new havens, to the forests in every part of the country, to the high seas. We will ensure we rid everywhere of nefarious elements.”


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