President Buhari Special Advise on Social Media has slammed the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), accused him of using IPOB to generate wealth for himself.

Lauretta who took to her social media handles, blasted Nnamdi Kanu for misleading Igbo people that he will give them Biafra and urged all his followers to distance themselves from him alleged that Kanu is a notorious criminal.

According to her “Over eighty four percents of IPOB members are stacked illiterate that can barely read nor write. That is why Nnamdi Kanu, a notorious yahoo criminal is using them to make money without their knowledge.

“They only come on social media mostly to cause nuisance and insults President Muhammadu Buhari without thinking deeply about how Nnamdi Kanu keep promising them Biafra every year without achieving anything meaningful.

“I seriously weep for ndi Igbo, especially Igbo youths whom Nnamdi Kanu has destroyed their future with lies, deceit and propaganda. Each passing day is either one sorts of lies or the other.

“Second Niger Bridge is ongoing and will soon be completed. Hausa Fulani he keeps calling and cursing on daily basis are they the ones to use the bridge. Nnamdi Kanu need to be sent back to elementary school for him to acquire elementary knowledge and conscience.

“Keep shouting on Facebook until President Muhammadu Buhari finishes his tenure because it’s obvious your Biafra can only be achieved in your dream.

“I still remain a proud member of Buharist because we have come to redeem and save Nigerians from the hands of scammers like Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. I am an ardent member of Buharist, even after his tenure, he still remains my Favourite President ever in the history of Nigeria”, she said.

Recall that some months back, Nnamdi Kanu through his Radio Biafra broadcast accused Lauretta Onochie of being an internationally recognized Prostitute and a human trafficker. Since then Lauretta Onochie have not had any pity in slamming Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB on daily basis through her social media handles and television interviews.


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