The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has described those against Biafra, as those whose mothers birthed out of rape by the Fulani men.

This, he said during a broadcast on Wednesday.

The IPOB leader said; “Fulani impregnated your mothers and they gave birth to Rubbish.

“All of you Efulefu you can’t escape it. If you want to see what your life will resemble in few years from now, look at the Hausa people.


“All of you that ganged up against Ojukwu, see what your life has become, as well as the British, Britian will break up into pieces

“You have now seen that Ojukwu is a visionary, what Ojukwu saw some of you never saw it. He said let everyone stay on their own, now you all are going to suffer, until you all in the ZOO beg Biafra for forgiveness.

“Those of you that fought against Biafra are you not today fighting for your dear lifes in your villages?

“People who even claimed they are the elite they are even daft.”


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