Former Director, Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Jibrin has deflate the alarming call of some Nigerians and members of national Assembly, seeking the dismissal of service chiefs, over the recent attacks launched by bandits and Boko-Haram terrorists in different part of the country.

Ahmed Jibrin said Nigerians should acknowledge and appreciate the achievements made so far by the service chiefs in ensuring the security of the country, on the note that they have made a sound change in their position.

On Wednesday night, during a broadcast on Channels TV, Jibrin noted that “What is important is not for us to focus on who are the Service Chiefs. We should focus on what is happening in the operations that these service Chiefs are supervising. I think that’s what should bother Nigerians.

Speaking on severely criticism the top security agents are getting, the former Army General uttered that, “Everybody has his own opinion on what is happening in the country. But the issue of these service Chiefs is being seriously over flocked. We are missing the point.
“We’re having an operation at hand in various parts of the country and the operations are going on.

“People want quick results, They forget so easily the situation Nigeria was in, some years back. Let’s say the beginning of this regime we have forgotten the fact that we lost 17 of our local governments, where Boko-haram hosted their flags, sacked local authorities and presiding over affairs there for a long time.

“Until the same service chiefs that been vilified came and put in the best they could to ensure that all these Boko-Haram that were occupying these areas were push behind, we regained our 17 local governments and things were okay.

“We have also forgotten the fact that in the north, people find it difficult to go to the Mosque to pray, Especially in the morning because of fear of one attack of Boko Haram or the other.

“We have also forgotten completely that we were only waiting to hear the next town that Boko Haram will attack. It was all over the Northeast, it spread to kano, kaduna, Abuja and so on.

“There was fear everywhere, people were afraid to even enter shopping malls, afraid whether Boko-Haram will attack. There are also cases of suicide bombers sneaking into crowds, sneaking into markets, sneaking into motor parks and everywhere. We have forgotten all that

“When did you hear of any suicide bombing around Abuja, Kaduna, Kano or any attack of Boko Haram ?.
“Unless we are able to sit down and be very realistic. And realize that it’s not the person that is occupying that office. but what he is supervising and what is going on.
A lot is being done to ensure that the situation is stabilized in this country” he said.


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