A human rights group, Human Rights, Liberty Access and Peace Defenders’ Foundation (HURIDE), has called on Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, to resign following the unabated killings in Southern Kaduna in Kaduna State.

The group in a statement signed by its Chairman Dede Uzor said that the Governor has failed to provide security to the citizens and cannot exonerate himself from the continous blood bath in Christian dominated Southern Kaduna.

The Chairman of HURIDE also called on International Criminal Court (ICC) to commence the investigation of crime against humanity on Governor El-Rufai.

The group said, “the Governor of Kaduna State should resign or the State House of Assembly should immediately commence his impeachment process.

“He cannot exonerate himself from the continous masscre and genocide in Southern Kaduna. El-Rufai still provides logistics and financial backing to those murderous Fulani Herdsmen to continue to kill innocent christians in Southern part of Kaduna. He is not hiding it. He accepted backing them”.

The group said ICC should beam their searchlight on Nigeria especially in the North, where Herdsmen and bandits have turned Christian communities into killing fields.

should not pretend that all are well in Nigeria, when in fact religious killings are the order of the day in Nigeria, especially in Nothern part of the country” said the group.

HURIDE said the international community such as a the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), United States of America USA) Britain among others should as a matter of urgency also beam their searchlight on the killings of Christians in Nigeria.

The group lamented that no fever than 5,000 christians have been killed in Southern Kaduna since the latest renewed killings..

HURIDE said that federal government has a lot of questions to answer for its inability to stem tide of blood bath in the country.

The group wondered why President Muhammadu Buhari has found it difficult to sack Service Chiefs when they have failed woefully to checkmate killings from Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen.

“We find it difficult to understand why the President is still harboring the Service Chiefs if they actually want to stop the killings. We want to believe that there is something they know that they don’t want Nigerrians to know about the insecurity in the country,” the group said.


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