A league of Igbo Youth Lawyers has urged the federal government to stop applying force in tackling issues of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other similar groups, arguing that it would rather increase agitations for Biafra secession.

President of the group, Mr Stanley Okafor, who made the call at a town hall meeting and press briefing held in Awka, Anambra state capital, said the people of the region have in the last four years, faced series of prosecution from the federal government which should have applied “proper integration of Igbo into the Nigerian project.”
According to Okafor, Biafra is a promise not a threat to Nigeria, hence the need for government to be cautious and impartial in resolving restiveness and security issues.

“We call on the government to review all actions in the last four years which have placed confrontation above dialogue as means of resolving national difficulties. The question of proper integration of the Igbo into the Nigerian project would continue to reverberate, and for those of us who continue to express optimism in the promise of a great Nigeria, nothing can be so assaulting as the constant show of over-zealousness by security agencies in handling issues of civil agitation among our youths.

“It is our hope that if we deliberately create an atmosphere permissive of dialogue and fence mending we shall succeed in promoting the frontiers of goodwill and Nigeria will stand greater chance of sustaining our corporate existence against the current challenges bestowed upon us by our disparate actions. There is no tribe with greater nationality spirit in Nigeria than the Igbo. They love Nigeria

“Even Nnamdi Kanu cannot in anywhere say he doesn’t want to belong to Nigeria. These young ones have their reservations on Nigerian project. You have to put new basket of love and togetherness in this country to make this country work. You have to prove these youths wrong by doing things right way,” he added.


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