The Supreme leader of Mercy of God Mission in Ghana, Prophet Isaac Owusun has called on Africans to get set for what is coming on the African Soil soon.

“I see a powerful new nation emerging soon to librate Nigerians and Africa from the clutches of wickedness and total retrogression.

He said this during the church monthly prayer and fasting program on Friday.

According to the clergyman, “the problems bedevilling Africa has its seminal point in Nigeria and a new crop of leaders will terminate it”. “I see a new nation coming to lead Africa back to God,” he said.

“Nigeria is a great nation but the leaders in charge of governance have squandered the goodwill of the people,” he said.”

“And until Nigeria takes her the proper place in destiny, the African Nation will remain in darkness. he warned”

“If nothing is done urgently, there may be no Nigeria by 2022., I see new nations emerging from Nigeria if the situation at hand gets more complicated” he warned.

“President Buhari Must Stop the insecurity in Nigeria, proper restructuring of the country can Save Nigeria ” he advised.

Prophet Owusun went further to say that “Africa is waiting on Nigeria to take its proper place as the continents Leader”. God is counting on Nigeria to fulfil the end-time mandate, however, if Nigeria refuses to let God do what he wants to do, a new nation will emerge.

“Already, I see three things happening in Nigeria before the next Election.

The Northern Youths will rise up against their leaders, you can call it REVOLUTION if you like.
The Yorubas will agitate for Oduduwa Nation and with the current agitation by IPOB, there may be no Nigeria
If the Nigerian government cannot stop the killings, Biafra will happen to Nigeria, yes I see Biafra leading the breakup of Nigeria as the blood of the slain cry to God for vengeance.
“Please tell Nigerians to go to God in prayers and supplication to avert the pending calamity on the land. The church in Nigeria will be held responsible if the plan of God concerning Nigeria Fails” he appealed.

“Let not your hearts be troubled, God’s ear is not hard of hearing, neither are His hands too short to save. he said, call unto me and I will hear from Heaven and heal your land.

Almighty God said in His Word, ” if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear and forgive them, and heal their land, meaning God is ready to change Nigeria if there are willing people to make it happen.

Let the word of God prevail over Nigeria, over Ghana and over Africa.

He also called on Christians to continue to pray for normalcy against the Pandemic.

“The coronavirus is terminated and life will return to normal again very soon, do not be afraid, but let there be praise in every home,” he admonished.


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