In the course of time, some persons have found it a pastime to take a shot at my hard earned personality.

For a while now, these fellows have gone to town with varying sorts of information all targeted at tarnishing my image and viciously attempting to create imaginary division within the rank of the All Progressives Congress in Abia State.

An unfounded rumour from these depraved persons alludes that large sums of money exchanged hands and this affected the fortune of our great party, APC, in the last general elections in Abia. Inexplicably, these wicked rumours and such other concocted tales have been unkindly linked to my person. Unsurprisingly, these individuals would not stop until their wicked aim is achieved.

Sequel to the above, I make bold to say that I am one of the few Abians that has never done any Government contract with the state government or directly benefitted in any form from Abia State Government’s fund and has not participated whatsoever in the fleecing of the State’s resources, whether now or in the past, rather, I have been giving and been spending my own resources in the State. For example, aside the state government, I own the largest industrial cluster in the state and the largest employer of labour in the state. Thus, I challenge anybody or group of persons with evidence, linking me to any illegality or absurdity in Abia State to make it public now.

In view of the foregoing, therefore, I make this solemn declaration that anybody who intentionally accuses me falsely in order to discredit me or anybody who negotiated with the opposition party or betrayed APC in the 2019 elections in Abia State by collecting any money or any other inducements, may God Almighty ensure they suffer shame and untold disgrace. In addition,may members of their household encounter desolation to their umpteenth generation so that their mouth of blackmail will be filled with dust.

No act of betrayal or false accusation will escape God’s wrath, now or in the nearest future.

This is my solemn declaration.

Dr. Uche Sampson Ogah
Honourable Minister of State, Mines and Steel Development, Federal Republic of Nigeria


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