Nigerian filmmaker and photographer, Ejiro Onobrakpor took to Instagram on Wednesday September 2, to reveal how he sold a land, car and property to pay his wife’s first tuition after she told him about studying in Australia.

“10 years and some…When she told me about studying in Australia, I sold our land, car and property to pay the first tuition,” he wrote.

The father of two went on to declare that he will do it all again for her.

“I love you is not in what you say but do. I will do it all again for you” he added.

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SUNNY ROBINSON: WIFE* in quote, not girlfriend. Each level has a level of sacrifice they deserve. And doing is not only for men, women should also reciprocate.

VINCENTTO Da NERD: Aiit and what are we Libers on here supposed to do now? Get off of the social media and live your God damn tranquil lives joor

EMMANUELL KACHI: Please don’t push people into temptation.. I can do such for my wife if we have much.. Amon motivational speakers deceiving gullible people.. #kachi

OGBODU KINGSLEY: Your wife allowed you sold all that just to study abroad…and you still dont understand that she was sent to bring you down? Frozen brain

SAMUEL JOHNSON: Hope she won’t make you regret this fooley.

TOCHI SUNDAY: The woman deserves it all. Look at her very natural woman. Very natural beauty. Very Natural smile. Very Natural body. Everything about her is natural. No fake hair, no fake makeup. No fake boobs. This man is the luckiest man alive. My brother may the blessings of the lord never depart from you and your family in Jesus Christ name Amen. And if you need to do it again and you have nothing left to sell come and sell my house for her she deserves every bit of it. God bless you brother.

JOHN LEWIS: Uncles wen mumu…she will still cheat on u.I can’t invest on a woman,not even my mum

IKECHI UCHECHI: See oga boss, calm down o. Thank the living Almighty God you serve that she remained faithful and stock by you. Not many men can say that of babes the so much invested in thinking and believing they are there to stay. Look, I had a mini experience back in 2012. Might sound false but trust me it’s true story. Met her at work. Was a senior account officer. She appiled as a sales executive. We got talking. I was single. Can’t say same about her. Loved her to pieces. Would do anything just to put that smile on her face. She was from Imo state, am a Yoruba dude. Did the little I could back then. New phone ever six months, got her that Galaxy Tablet back then N125,000. I could afford it then and wanted to buy her a car. Guess what she said? She will take the car to her location cause she was posted outside Lagos. Bros, she threatened suicide when I sensed she was double dating and wanted to leave peacefully. The suicide threat made me rethink like, oh, damn, I must have mistaken a friend as someone she was seeing. Yeye me still chuk head. From 2009 through 2012. We were very serious. She comes in from her outstation every month end. Paid her flight to and fro. She requested meeting my folks. I invited her down. They loved this babe like their daughter. Okay. Make I no too bore una. Fast forward a lil. I requested to meet hers. End of story o. She no decline. She just started coming up with excuses. Well, can’t force her. Obviously, naturally the relationship slowed down. Phones calls that we’re like 15 times a day became once a week. Do I need a soothsayer to read the Crysta ball for me? Last I heard was she was already engaged. Wasn’t hurt. But kind of painful somehow. I mean am only human. Fell in love with someone I though would be there forever. What’s the point of stating the extra mile I went to support her through house rent, family issues, siblings school fees, her Master tuition. And always ensuring she had the very latest phone back then. Mone didn’t end happily ever after. But sincerely, am happy for the above story. My point is, Bros your we’re lucky you met a human being. Some of them out there are blood suckers. No offense ladies. Was just sharing my tale. Wishing all ya out there a blissful affair. Not fun losing out when you feel you have seen that eight person.

GIFT ADA: Your are a mumu man, if you decide to send your wife to school any how you wish it’s ur business, but coming to brag about it, shows how stupid you are. So for your mind that’s the end of the world? You upgraded your wife by degrading your self, plz don’t come here to write women are……. when she start acting funny. Cos I know you will act funny for sure, because you will feel entitled for what you did. Women love great smart men and not stupid weak men.

FAVOUR JAMES: A man that believes in his wife dreams, God I see what you are doing for others, I pray I get a husband that supports my dreams and I can support his!

HOPE IBAA: You are already regretting it for saying it to the public, I will only salute you if you sell your balls too. MUMU


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