The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide  is irrevocably committed to the advancement of the Igbo nation. In the struggle to protect, promote and prosper the life and livelihood of the  average Igbo man,  the council will speak with courage and act with wisdom.
The OYC is committed to the idea that the Igbo man would thrive best in a restructured Federal Republic of Nigeria. What the igbo man seeks is not a helping hand. The Igbo man demands a level playing field. The Igbo man in Ihiala or Zungeru or Potiskum  has invested his faith in Nigeria. He wants from Nigeria the sense of belonging of first son—a shared sense of belonging with the Fulani and the Yoruba. He wants a  platform for the maximization of his God-given potentials.
While the OYC is pushing fiercely for devolution of power to the regions and resource control, the Council will keep its eyes on 2023. It is not because an Igbo presidency will solve all that bedevils the Igbo. But an Igbo presidency will assuage and comfort, will offer that sense of belonging, will pursue devolution of powers and industrialization.
The 2023 Igbo Presidency Project ( IPP) is non negotiable.
While watching the events leading up to 2023, the OYC has observed some troubling developments.
Igbos have vote massively for the PDP since 1999. But it appears that the PDP regards the Igbos as cows that must be milked, used  to death. The PDP is making subterranean diabolical  plans to retain power in the north in 2023.
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youths  Council  Worldwide wishes to  make it abundantly clear. The PDP must not insult the intelligence of the Igbo. If the PDP thinks the Igbo will wait till 2031 before it gets a chance at the presidential ticket  of the party then the PDP isn’t just treacherous, it is delusional. Perhaps the PDP doesn’t need Igbo votes. Perhaps.
The youths of Igbo land will not sit astride and watch the PDP field a candidate from the north and come to Igbo land to hoodwink people with  sweetened gibberish. If the PDP  tramples on equity and commonsense , and opts for a northern candidate in 2023,  then the PDP should forget about coming to Igbo land to seek votes in the 2023  presidential elections.
The Ohanaeze  Ndigbo Youth Council  Worldwide has an advice for Igbo politicians. The Council has noticed some of them running around like castrated squirrels.  Do not accept a vice- presidential ticket from anybody.  No Igbo politician should accept  a vice-presidential ticket from any party. Any Igbo man or woman who grovels to a vice-presidential ticket should consider political social distancing from Igbo land.
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
President General
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide
Mazi Okwu Nnabuike
Secretary General
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide


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