Refuses to Tender Letter of Approvals he Gave.

After calling the adhoc Committee set up by the Abia State House of Assembly to investigate a Petition against him Kangaroo, the Commissioner for trade and Investment Hon Cosmos Ndukwe shamelessly attended the committee sitting.

Ndukwe had posted “Hahahaha Iyanga dey sleep trouble dey try wake am… No One should off the microphone when I will reply because records don’t lie and we know those people that built shops on the parks and fire service lane in shopping center tell dem I say soooo! Records don’t lie and monies collected in the markets have receipts ok ooo! make no one off mic 🎤 and make them allow me invite national and international media, hope it will be on plenary session, not quasi kangaroo 🦘 Committee. Those in glass house hmmmm ok nah kontinu”

However it was gathered that he appeared at the Abia State House of Assembly to honor the committee Invitation even before the commencement of the Committee Sittings.

Igbo watch gathered that the Trade and Investment Commissioner has refused to tender the letter of approval he granted to several individuals to erect stalls at the Ekeoha Shopping Centre, Aba.

More findings revealed that the Commissioner was collecting the 30% fee of the approval instead of retiring the money to the Abia State Board of Internal revenue.

The Committee however rejected the plea that its Chairman Hon.Munachim Alozie steps aside over accusation of bias by the Commissioner.

The Committee insisted that the Commissioner failed to establish his allegations of bias against the adhoc Committee Chairman, hence could not agree with him for its Chairman to step aside.

Letter of Approvals are not classified documents as the Commissioner is painting, rather the Commissioner is trying to cover his illicit activities at the Ekeoha Shopping Centre.



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