“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks” – Arthur Miller

When Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ, he did so as a man in the system privileged to have easy access to Jesus Christ for which he even boasted to the Elders as a man who knew everything about Jesus including his intricate itineraries. He came in handy to sell some false truths for his own selfish and pecuniary gains.

It takes such men of small minds to betray their master with what they usually consider as the “truth” which like it did to Jesus Christ, stuck until the evil deed was done after which the centurion acclaimed, albeit, belatedly, “Surely he was the Son of God”. That was the point The Truth overtook “truth” by which time the betrayer had already hanged himself seeing that his “truth” could only travel thus far.

It was Aldrich Ames who said that “The betrayal of trust carries a heavy taboo”. Sadly, Judas did not know that. He ended up most ignominiously!

Like Judas like Obinna Oriaku!

Obinna Oriaku’s recent infantile outing as an attempt at self edification wherein he made several allegations bordering on the system and some set of individuals is a trap in which he who set it has been caught by it.

Oriaku who was Abia State Commissioner for Finance for four whole years, 2015 – 2019, did absolutely nothing to improve the system he so much vilifies today relying on the privileges of trust reposed in him by the Governor, trust which by his ineffectual and incoherent outbursts have been grossly betrayed, but left it worse.
Obinna should start by telling Abians why civil servants had to wait for a minimum of two weeks, sometimes, four weeks into the new month, before their salaries were paid during his tenure as Commissioner for Finance and why that evil practice stopped the moment he was booted out.

When in his follow up interview at Family Love FM, Umuahia, he said that the “average civil servant sees Oriaku as somebody who doesn’t love them or who doesn’t mean well for them”, he unsuccessfully tried to tie it to his statement that the state workforce is over bloated but the truth is that the workers loathed him because they believed very strongly that Oriaku was trading with their salaries and making money off their sweat by tying their salaries down in a fixed deposit with a bank for up to one month before paying them while he reportedly kept the profit for himself.

With Abia State wage bill standing at N2.3bn monthly, fixing such an amount for 4 weeks at a prevailing interest rate of 12-15% p/a as at 2018, for example, before disbursing the funds to the workers meant, as believed in credible quarters, Obinna Oriaku was making humongous fortunes running into tens of millions of naira every month off the blood and sweat of the State workers. If not why would it take so long to pay salaries when monies had been made available weeks earlier for the same purpose? Juxtapose that to the new era under Dr Aham Uko, the current Commissioner for Finance, where salaries are paid regularly at most on the last day of the due month. The same government, the same system but different characters as Commissioner for Finance: the former allegedly dubious, the current very forthright and highly professional.

Given the above, civil servants could hardly plan their expenditures because no one knew when their salaries would come but these days, they do because they are sure the salaries would come, at most, at the end of the due month.

It is therefore not a surprise that Abia workers protested specifically against Obinna Oriaku and called for his sack during the May Day celebration of 2018.

Today, life is looking good for both pensioners and MDAs whose pensions and subventions were barely paid during Oriaku’s dark days. Pensions and subventions that Obinna Oriaku explained away during his time as an impossible task is today being paid regularly under his immediate successor, Dr Aham Uko.

Despite engaging the services of a certain consulting firm called Lloydant in which Oriaku is said to have dominant interest to help solve the salary, pension and subvention logjam under his watch, the firm which has been accused of evading tax even.made the situation worse. While Lloydant is said to have smiled to the bank, pensioners and MDAs were reeling under the gruesomeness of their funds being allegedly diverted by the firm.

Indeed, talk is cheap!

Such wickedness and heartlessness towards workers and pensioners of the State can only come from a mind so dark, so dull, so evil!

In his desperation to justify his warped analysis, he claimed that the bill for his Ebonyi State counterpart to travel to Abuja for FAAC meetings was N80,000. So, if Oriaku found that of Abia State to be too high and wished to work with Ebonyi’s template, why didn’t he also cut down his own travel expenses to the same N80,000 since distance between the two states to Abuja is practically the same? Why was he drawing N500,000 for the same trip he alluded his Ebonyi State counterpart was drawing N80,000 for?

Who is deceiving who?

The good thing is that Obinna’s reign of financial terrorism in the state is over. The more he tries to palter the more he falters.

“Those who don’t know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal” – Anonymous.

Obinna Oriaku has betrayed those who engaged him in government, he betrayed Abia workers; he betrayed Abia pensioners, he betrayed Abia MDAs, he betrayed Abia people. His eventual sacking is indeed good riddance to bad rubbish!


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