Former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has slammed Prof Wole Soyinka and other who protested fuel price during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan but ignored the sharp increase by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In 2015, Nigerians took to the streets in growing numbers and protest against an increase in petrol prices, piling pressure on President Goodluck Jonathan to reverse his removal of fuel subsidies.

Buhari recently increased the pump price of petroleum from N145 to N161 per litre, but Prof. Wole Soyinka and others hasn’t embarked on protest as they did during the Jonathan administration.

Fani-Kayode who described has condemned the increase in pump price, and the silence of Soyinka and others who protested against Jonathan, on Friday, wrote on Twitter;

“Where are those that marched the streets & protested when fuel prices soared up under GEJ. Today under Buhari fuel, food & electricity prices have shot up to record levels & they remain as quiet as mice! Why are they not marching & protesting?Fear & cowardice are terrible things.

“When the implications of the new food, fuel & electricity prices finally sink in & you begin to feel the pinch & suffer the pain & hardship that Buhari has inflicted & unleashed on Nigerians you will stop asking stupid questions & instead focus on asking more pertinent ones.”


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