The National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, has disclosed in an interview with Daily Sun , that the Fulani organization is currently training 1000 of its personnel who after training, would be deployed across the country wherever herdsmen are.
Bodejo said the security outfit is much like Amotekun , but unlike the Southwest’s security outfit, Miyetti Allah vigilante personnel will always be on the move as much as it’s members. He also said this is necessary in other to provide maximum protection for its members, and stressed that no opposition can stop its operations in any part of the country.
Asked why the Miyetti Allah Vigilance group would be distributed across the country instead of being confined to the North, he said, “You know Fulani people are moving; moving to those arrears where there are grasses. Any place where there is grass, they will operate there to see how they can feed their cows.

“So everywhere they are, the vigilante is supposed to be there, that is why our vigilante will be everywhere in the country because of these cattle rustlers and they will be the ones to make peace in the event of problems between the herdsmen and farmers.

“That is the reason they will be operating every part of the country. Amotekun of Southwest is just saying its own. If they want to do security to fight crimes, what is their problem with our own vigilante? Let them concentrate on what they are doing. Our vigilante is the same thing with Amotekun, but the only difference is that ours is all over the country, while Amotekun is in the Southwest.

When told that Yoruba are all over the country, but they didn’t set up Amotekun in every state of the Federation, he responded, “That one concerns them. If they are all over the country; they are not operating in the bushes and forests.

“For the Fulani, their business and all that they are doing is their cows. But if you can see Yoruba man or a person from any other tribe, who can carry N1O million cash in a transparent bag and move from Lagos to Adamawa, or from Lagos to Ibadan, that person can be attacked by armed robbers or other criminals who can even kill him.

“The same way with the Fulani; they are moving with their money in transparent bags, which are the cows. So, the cow is like a bank to them. If you build a bank, you must fence it to secure it, but if you build a bank and you put money there without fencing the building, do you think you can go there tomorrow and meet the money? Thieves will go and steal the money by force.

“So, that is the reason Fulani are having problems of securing their cows because no one is protecting the cows (which is their money in a transparent bag). So, our vigilante group has to operate very well because of the level of insecurity in this country; cattle rustlers, kidnapping, bandits are operating inside bushes and forests.

“Our people have been victims and they have suffered more than any ethnic group, but there is no media to report that; there is no journalist who would go inside the forest to report their plights. In those bushes and forests, there is no telephone network or coverage so that makes our security challenges more difficult.”


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