The campus unit of the Take It Back Movement, South-West Zone, has described President Muhammadu as someone who lacks the common sense to be the president of a country, adding that it reject the hike in pump price of petrol and electricity tariff by the Nigerian Government.

Ayoola Babalola, Coordinator of the citizens and human rights movement in a statement on Sunday, urged Nigerian students to rise in unity to resist the anti-people policies of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group also adopted Tuesday, September 8 announced by the South-West Zone of the National Association of Nigerian Students as day of mass action against the government.

Babalola said, “The South-West Zone of the Take-it-Back movement condemns the insensitive, barbaric, anit-people and inhumane increase on the pump price of petrol and the hike in electricity tariffs across the country.

“Once again, the age-long position of the Take-it-Back movement has been justified and we wish to reiterate that Nigeria under her current crop of leaders can only get worse. We find it very unacceptable that at a time the masses (Nigerian students inclusive) are struggling to get back on their feet and re energize the economy, they are further crippled by the afflictous and inept leadership that plagues Nigeria.

“The Take-it-Back movement calls on its members and Nigerian students to rise in unity to resist the anti-people action by the federal government. We solidarize the South-West Zone of the National Association of Nigerian students and we adopt Tuesday september 8 as the scheduled date for our mass action against this heinous evil being perpetuated by the Buhari regime against the Nigerian people.

“Our ajor demands includes:
The immediate reversal of the increase in pump price of petrol. The immediate nationalisation of the power sector and reversal of the hike. Immediate and safe reopening of schools nationwide.
And most importantly, we demand the overdue resignation of President Buhari as it has become more obvious that he lacks the knowledge,wisdom, empathy and common sense to be President.

“We call on all stakeholders and well meaning Nigerians to rise and defend the little sanity left in our space.”


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