How will you feel when a man you have been dating wakes up one day after an explosive s3x night and shamelessly calls you a ‘borehole?’

That is the case of a Kenyan lady going by the name Linnet who went on a popular Facebook Group and made public the confession for advice.

The lady had shared the emotional story on how she was called unprintable names by her estranged lover who changed suddenly and started calling her a ‘borehole’ meaning her opening is just too wide or big.

According to her account, the man regarded her as very randy and promiscuous person who sleeps with anything that comes her way. She also accused the man of raping her on the first night they shared together.

According to Linnet, the rogue boyfriend regularly checks her phone and she doesn’t complain because she is honest with him but still he can’t trust her.

Having given her a hard time throughout their relationship, Linnet then decided to seek for advice on what she can do so that to end this relationship.

Friends and family members weighed in with different advises some asking her to move away from the abusive and disrespectful man.

She however had invested too much in this relationship and she wanted not to move out. Time was also of an essence and she thought finding another man will take a century before her grandmother linked her to one of the powerful traditional doctors.

Her version of account indicated that she was linked to Mugwenu Witchdoctors who gave her Free Love Spells that she used just within three days and she got a ready man who loved her and ran away with her. The spells worked wonders in a very shorter time.

His abusive partner has since been rendered lonely and left licking wounds thanks to Mugwenu native doctors.

Mugwenu Doctors , for instance, will work together with you, but detachment is the key to success during this healing process. You must be in a quiet place and detach yourself from everything around you. This is very important because your body must connect with the healing elements.
By casting any of the following quick spells, you’re able to obtain the person you’ve always desired.

“Love is all around you, wait and you will find it. However, if it takes so much time to manifest, then don’t hesitate to get support from powerful love spells for quick, efficient results,” Mugwenu explains.


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