A constitution lawyer and human rights activist Inibehe Effiong in a strong worded statement decribed the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administration as a plaque, one whose primary aim is to kill, steal and destroy Nigerians.

Effiong who was reacting to the recent increase in the pump price of petrol from N138.62 to N151.56 per litre explained that, only a monstrous regime will increase fuel price and electricity tariff during this pandemic.

According to him, citizens are suffering while Buhari and his cronies live in opulence which makes him a “Wicked tyrant”.

Effiong who expressed his anger in series of tweets said, “We should not forget who the Minister of Petroleum is. It is the same heartless oppressor who promised to reduce the suffering of Nigerians.

“The same man who opposed increment of fuel price in the past. The same military dictator whose regime has plunge Nigeria into recession.

“What will Buhari be remembered for? His promises have been broken. He promised to fight corruption but has elevated corruption to a national policy.

“Under his watch, key democratic institutions have been destroyed. He has nether clues nor capacity to govern.

“Shame on Buhari!”, he added.

Effiong is an outspoken voice on twitter, who is known for constantly criticising the inefficiencies of the goverment and his commitment to end corruption and injustice in the Nigerian state.


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