Garba Shehu, spokesman of President Muhammadu Buhari, has been criticized following his reaction to the increase in petrol price.

The presidential spokesman in a tweet via his official Twitter handle, @GarShehu on Tuesday night, said the product sold at a higher rate when the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was in power.

According to him, petrol sold for as much as N600 per litre under PDP.

Recently, the Buhari-led administration through the Petroleum Products Marketing Company, PPMC, increased the ex-depot price of petrol from N138.62 to N151.56 per litre. Following the increment, petrol marketers raised the price of the product from N148 to between N158 and N162 per litre.

This came days after electricity distribution companies began the implementation of the new cost-reflective electricity tariff.

The hike was condemned by many Nigerians and groups.

Shehu, however, accused the main opposition party of deceit, saying: “Don’t allow the PDP to deceive you. Amidst acute shortages, they sold petrol at N600 per litre on Easter Sunday in 2013 (See Punch published on that day).”

See below:

Below are reactions:

@chinaza_best:“The reason why you can come here and post this trash is because, you don’t buy fuel with your money neither do you pay light bills. You all get all these on a platter and if you manage to buy some, it is still the nation’s money. You will surely not remain in power.”

@AliyuKwarbai:“Only a coconut head will use an old paper of unofficial price of 600/L of petrol to make justification for fuel increase!

“Only a coconut head will use bomblast and Boko Haram crimes in the past to make justification for banditry, kidnapping and technically defeated Boko Haram.”

@NosaAguebor:“Mallam GS, many discerning Nigerians and even PDP members support the removal of subsidy and support the current method of determining prices but please do use this argument to spoil this thing. It is baseless. PDP didn’t sell fuel at N600 — hoarders did.

“Stop the mischief.”

@Ahmadtweetss:“I think you should focus more on advising your principal to upgrade the standard of good governance and not playing political shenanigans with PDP.”

@Beno_sky69:“@GarShehu is this a way of justifying the increase in fuel pump price? Was the N600 official price? You should cover your face in shame. Apc was voted for all its promises, and here we are today.”


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