The army chief of staff, Tukur Bratai after an urgent monthly security meeting today expressed his disappointment on the level of rising insecurity in Nigeria ranging from north east, middle belt and the new tension in the South eastern Nigeria by the labelled IPOB terrorist group led by Kanu currently and triggered by his hate radio broadcast.

In his speech with Sahara reporters, he emphasized that if the tension in south easter becomes heavier than its current state, they maybe forced to declare state of emergency to reduce the problems currently at hand in the country.

In his speech he said:
“I think it’s time to stop this madness from Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters mainly from South east, and the only way this thing can be put to silent is only by declaring south east a state of emergency” bratai said.

Nigeria is not only facing problem of terrorism alone but right now, the main problem Nigeria is facing comes from South east because they oppose everything that has to do with Nigeria.

A group of people that have no respect for their country and rebel against authorities are known as terrorists and that is what the so called IPOB groups are.

The different cases of of terror that have been recorded so far in south east include the killing of two DSS officers, abduction of 9 police officers in Enugu state which was believed to have been from the IPOB group, and lastly disappearance of 13 soldiers in Abia state checkpoints and Enugu state.

On the other hand, the problems and tension keep increasing daily due to the illegal radio broadcast by the IPOB leader in his hideout outside of Nigeria.

It is a madness to call your country a zoo and mislead the masses numbering in millions of people to rebel against their own country.



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