Despite the peace deal that was reached, all have suddenly fallen apart as their African representative, George Onyibe who command loyalty and respect in IPOB has been disgracefully sacked from the organization. Kanu after dismissing Onyibe described him as an ‘idiot’ who was given a little opportunity to speak on the microphone but got carried away. Our dependable source also said that George Onyibe is defiantly loyal to Uche-Mefor and not to Kanu.

While George Onyibe in retaliation described Kanu as ‘stupid’ and ‘shameless’ if he should continue to initiate actions that will make IPOB members to die in vain. Onyibe further said, “You are dancing naked in the market place exhibiting your stupidity for all to see. In your mind you think you can destroy me as you have destroyed so many but we shall see to it”.

“You are all yapping now, pray that your fight will not be on the day when you are pregnant”.

“I have told you before you can not disgrace me because there is no shame in the womb that gave birth to me”.

“They threaten me that they will use Nigerian government to destroy me even when they are fighting for Biafra”.

“They told me they will teach me How strong they are by the 7th of September 2020 and I’m waiting for them, this is what they are doing let me help them create popularity for me, in the end I will take them back 40 years behind their career”.

“I have promised all of you before now I will fight you in an environment you have not been before. I will fight you in an atmosphere where I will make you an alien. This is a promise not a threat”.

“But the truth is that the battleground will not be of your choosing. So if you think I will respond to you the way you are planning it in order to use my action to justify your fraud then you are hallucinating”.

“Very soon I will broadcast on Radio Biafra extra page or Biafra watchman page you better begin to report it to Facebook now before that time, you are predictable which make it very pathetic”.


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