Emene Massacre: IPOB Self-Defence As Ordered, Is Nigerian Law Compliant The most daunting task to be handled in human relationship, is h…

Emene Massacre: IPOB Self-Defence As Ordered, Is Nigerian Law Compliant

The most daunting task to be handled in human relationship, is how to effectively deal with individuals or certain group of people whose minds have been corrupted by sheer hatred particularly against their own. Why really on earth should someone in his/her right frame mind, want to cook up fallacy out of a public statement made via such a revered and global media platform as Radio Biafra?

Following the unprovoked and callously orchestrated massacre of twenty one (21) innocent, unarmed promising young Biafeans as well as the other forty seven (47) arrested, who were simply harmlessly gathered and worshipping their God in an enclosure on Sunday 23rd August 2020, at Emene, Enugu, Biafraland, hinge the unpleasant and just responses of the people. The killed/arrested were all family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

The IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has for a long while, made it known globally that the docility of the civilized international community to come in aid to Biafrans who are being gruesomely killed by the Nigerian security forces for no just reasons, will definitely trigger off some reprisals. Biafrans would have no other alternative than to collectively defend themselves even with the self-defence mode as has been fully activated.

The days of the trigger-happy Nigerian security operatives hunting down Biafrans at will, were totally over. The IPOB leader had ordered that henceforth, Biafrans should defend themselves against all forms of killings by the Nigerian government-sponsored uniformed terrorists. This is a standing order that every serious minded individual should hold unwaveringly very dear.

And because Biafrans co-habit with chronic haters and accusers who scheme mass murders of our people and orchestrate more killings to their satisfaction, have criminally twisted what was pointedly stated. Callously quoting out of context, they said that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu ordered the IPOB family members to kill Northerners residing in Biafraland. This lie is purely evil and should be discountenanced. Biafrans have value for human life and beneath, is the order:

“IPOB has given an order from it’s indefatigable leader to only defend themselves against any killing of any sort, not to kill the innocent Hausas or the Fulanis and that is what we must do because self-defence is in line with the laws of Nigeria and the United Nations, and we are law abiding”.

The IPOB leader had also very clearly stated it that in Biafraland, people live in the towns and residential areas, not in bushes and forests. Therefore, anyone who wishes to stay in Biafraland should leave the bush or forest and find a house in the town. That is it and it is abundantly clear.


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