A separatist group in Africa advocating for the freedom of Biafra from the present-day Nigeria , The Indigenous People Of Biafra , popularly know as IPOB has conducted a freedom march in Bremen Germany.

In an online video , members of IPOB , numbering over a thousand were seen marching in Germany , with placards with different inscription, Like “Free Biafra, Let Biafra go , Nigeria is a terrorist state, Stop the killing of Christians , a call for referendum is not a call for war” etc

In the mean time , German police was seen escorting and guiding them as they march peacefully across the streets of Bremen.
Also caught on video were some German citizens who joined the protest calling on the authorities to intervene and stop the killing of Christians in Nigeria .

Furthermore the government of Germany has recognized IPOB as a peaceful freedom movement .
Addressing the group , the mayor of Bremen, Mr Andreas Bovenschulte said IPOB is recognized as a peaceful movement all over the world and the German government recognizes that , we will soon come in” he added.

Meanwhile this has given a boost to the movement, as hope for freedom draws closer .


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